If you would like to know more about protecting your privacy, while on this website you have come to the right place. As an organization Gsistemi is dedicated to protect your privacy and your personal information. In accordance with the EU legislative GDPR we respect lawful, safe, and transparent processing of personal information. With proper technical and organizational protocols, we guarantee that all your personal information is processed and stored in a way that properly secures it. This includes protection against unauthorised access, and against any event of loss or destruction of data.


Visitors of this website (hereafter: visitor/s) do not have to sign-in, or reveal their identity in any scenario. We do not use any software or hardware equipment that could be used to find a visitors’ email or any other information that would reveal their identity.

In some scenarios we do store and process information that is voluntarily given to us by the visitors. A visitor can decide to sign-up to receive our newsletter, submit an inquiry, or send a contact request. In those scenarios a visitor voluntarily fills out a proper form and we only process the information in the extent to which they consented to. This information is only stored and processed to fulfil the specific request of the visitor.

Visitors take all the responsibility for the credibility of the personal and contact information they submitted in the form. We use contact information only to establish contact with the visitor, when necessary or when the visitor requested.

Visitors can temporarily or permanently cancel their consent to store and process their personal information at any time with a written request to do so by sending an email to support|@| In that case we will do everything necessary to fulfil your request. In case you have any questions regarding the above matter, please send them to support|@| mailbox.

When a visitor submits their name, email address, and any other information, we store that information securely in accordance with the principles below:

  • All information is only used for the sole purpose they were submitted for and in accordance with your consent,
  • We only use information for which we received your consent to as such,
  • We do not collect, store, or process data of children, minors and legally incompetent individuals unless we receive consent form their legal guardian,
  • We do not forward any information to advertisers,
  • We do not sell, rent or forward personal information to any third parties,
  • We use safe and proven technology and equipment in order to permanently guarantee the safety of your personal information.
  • Our website can contain links to websites belonging to other parties. Monolit does not take the responsibility of those parties for protecting personal information on the websites and their content.


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