Gsistemi consulting, integrations, hosting, training and management.

Linux & UNIX servers
20 years+ experience with Linux and UNIX servers:

  • Apache & NGINX web servers
  • Mail Servers (Postfix, Exim, Sendmail, Courier, Cyrus, Dovecot)
  • Control Panels (ISP Config, cPanel, Plesk)
  • OpenVPN and IPSEC VPN
  • RADIUS Servers
  • Linux Server Optimization
  • Web pages optimization (Wordpress, Joomla, Magento)
  • Mass mailing configuration
  • Amazon Services usage
  • Migration between systems
  • SAMBA File & Print Server integrations
  • Video Streaming Solutions

Microsoft servers

  • Windows Servers for SOHO
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Office 365 Administration

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